Radice, Barbara (Editor) - Terrazzo 6

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Barbara Radice (Editor).
Terrazzo #6. 

Terrazzo srl, 1991. 
240 pages. 
Errata slip laid in.

Very good. 
Minor edge wear,
rubbing and bumping to corners of covers. 
Mid back cover a small scratch. 
Overall, a presentable copy.

This issue consists almost entirely of photo-essays on cities
around the world by Helmut Newton, Nobuyoshi Araki, Ettore Sottsass,
Donatella Brun, Santi Caleca, Jed Devine, Timothy Hursley,
Shigiechi Nagano, Johnny Pigozzi, Antonio Trimarco, Shuji Yamada,
and Max Vadukul.

TERRAZZO was a very special biannual publication
on architecture and design, edited and published
between 1988–1995 by Barbara Radice, a prominent
Italian author, design critic and member of the
Memphis Milano design group. In conjunction with
Ettore Sottsass, Christoph Radl, Anna Wagner and
Santi Caleca, Radice created a unique and thoughtful
periodical that focused on contemporary works of
design and architecture, within Italy and abroad, touching
on a vast array of disciplines in each issue, including literature,
poetry, history, science, philosophy, art and anthropology.

Metropolis by Fritz Lang.

Editors Note by Barbara Radice.

Andy Warhol's Untitled 
by Daniela Morera.
Photograph by Andy Warhol.

Travel Notes on the Nature of Metropolises
by Ettore Sottsass.

Metropolis. (Photographs by...)
New York by Timothy Hursley, Max Vadukul, Donatella Brun.
Le Corbusier. Brasili by Ettore Sottsass. Seoul by Santi Caleca.
New York by Jed Devine. Hong Kong by Santi Caleca.
Toronto by Ettore Sottsass. Thom Faulders. Dallas by Timothy Hursley.
Los Angeles by Timothy Hursley. Detroit by Timothy Hursley.
Atlanta by Timothy Hursley. Dallas by Timothy Hursley.
Chicago by Timothy Hursley. Frank Paul. Rio de Janeiro by Ettore Sottsass. Caracas by Ettore Sottsass. Naples by Antonio Trimarco.
Bombay by Santi Caleca. Cairo by Santi Caleca. Sao Paulo by Ettore Sottsass. Buenos Aires by Ettore Sottsass. Paris by Johnny Pigozzi.
Tokyo by Shuji Yamada, Nobuyoshi Araki, Shigeichi Nagano.
Humanism Versus Environmentalism
Moscow: Photographs
by Helmut Newton.

Plans (5):
Nostalgia for Utopia (Russia 1920-1930)
by Beppe Caturegli.
Research by Beppe Caturegli and Giovannella Formica.