Richard C (Craven / Canard) - Original Mail Art envelope, drawing and note (Signed)

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Richard C (Craven / Canard). 
Original mail art envelope, drawing and note.

Winston-Salem: Self Published,
Envelope with drawing and note. 
 4 2/16" x 9 5/16".

Very good. 
Envelope with one torn side.
Light soiling and edge wear. 
Postal markings, a stamp and hand-written addresses. 

Original mail art envelope and drawing made by Richard C 
+ note from Irene Dogmatic originally mailed to John Evans, 
subsequently altered by Richard C and mailed back to Irene Dogmatic. 

Envelope has rubber stamps and Irene Dogmatic's
short-lived New York City address.

Enclosed is a standard sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" paper on which is printed a cat, 
now bearing a drawn thought balloon (? Dogmatic)and joined by a duck's head with its own thought balloon (? Canarda) and signed Richard. 

Also laid in is an awkwardly folded note to John Evans from Irene Dogmatic written on the back of a sushi menu from a restaurant in San Francisco. Bearing stamps from Evans' Avenue B School of Art, but also sperm like streams of color and again signed Richard. On the sushi side, there are rubber stamps "Canardada" and another which I cannot fully read. 

It seems that Irene Dogmatic wrote John Evans a letter saying that it was nice to meet him and she'd be in NYC again soon, which somehow made its way to Richard C who altered and added to this missive in what seems to me to be some arcane courtship ritual. I'm sure this interpretation is likely incorrect, but somehow the idea of mail art as romance strikes me as very plausible and interesting.