RNA Organism - Unaffected Mixes 2xLP

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RNA Organism. 

Unaffected Mixes. 


2LP set, imported from Japan. Limited edition pressing of 400 from* R.N.A. Organism landed themselves a place on the legendary Vanity Records roster after sending label head Agi Yuzuru a cassette by air mail in order to fool him into thinking they were from overseas. The ploy worked, and the group soon entered the studio for free-form sessions of minimalistic, rhythmic excursions played on an array of synths, drum machines and other gadgets. Working with producer Kaoru Sato (later of EP-4), RNAO made cut ups of the studio sessions for a hallucinatory trip through late 70s/early 80s industrial clang and psychedelic sound collage. The bulk of these mixes were, however, rejected for being too extreme, and their sole resulting album R.N.A.O. Meets P.O.P.O. (Vanity 0006,1980) primarily featured the straighter iterations. Luckily, the rejected mixes were archived on (recently unearthed) cassettes and are now available for the first time, in full, 40 years after they were recorded.