Dekeukeleire, Jeannette & Ruhé, Harry - The Adventures of Willem de Ridder

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Dekeukeleire & Harry Ruhé.
The Adventures of Willem de Ridder.

Amsterdam: Cultclub, 2017.
76 pages. 
65 color illustrations/ 30 black & white. 

Promoter of avant-garde music theatre.
Agent for Fluxus Europe North.
Founder of an art mail-order-house.
Publisher of taboo breaking magazines.
Producer of controversial Radio Art programmes.
Author and director of ground breaking television art.
The man who stood at the cradle of Paradiso,
Amsterdam's best known music venue.
He enjoys international fame as a master storyteller
and as an artist of ideas.
And so much more!
This book will take you on a voyage through
the adventurous life of Willem de Ridder.