Sachs, Tom - The Island: Guide

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Tom Sachs.
The Island: Guide. 

No Place: Tom Sachs, 2006.
Softcover in protective plastic sleeve. 

New, sealed. 

“The owner’s/operating manual for Tom Sach’s monumental sculpture,
The Island, a modified working model of the radar tower of the USS Enterprise CVN-65, ‘The world’s first and finest nuclear powered aircraft carrier.’ Sachs writes, ‘The Island is a process. There is nearly always something broken or in need of repair. This book is designed to help you cope with managing the many issues associated with ownership/operation of The Island. It is helpful to get an understating of what The Island needs, what it does, and what it can do; as a clubhouse it can provide a safe environment for good times – just add people. Of course people are messy and break things. So it’s important to clean up and maintain systems and maintain supply levels. Just like the Enterprise of the U.S. Navy, whose painting crew paints continuously for 35 years of operation, there is always something that needs your attention on The Island.”