Srp, Karel (Editor) - Edice Situace (Situations) #1, 3, 6-15 bound in green cloth

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Srp, Karel (Editor).
Edice Situace (Situations) #1, 3, 6-15 bound in green cloth.

Prague: Jazzová Sekce, 1983. 
12 individual exhibition catalogues rebound in green cloth 
with gold lettering to spine and cover. 
252 pages. 
8 7/16" x 11 14/16". 
Czech Language. 

Wear, rubbing and bumping to covers. 
Small less than 1/4th of an inch area of bare cardboard visible back bottom left. 
Spine sturdy. 
Writing in pencil with a small amount of pen to interior, 
mostly pencil translations of titles from Czech into English. 
Minor toning and soiling to interior,  mostly to what were the covers 
of individual exhibition catalogues before being rebound in this format. 
Front cover of the first issue featuring Adriena Simitova not present. 

Handsome and sturdy collection of 12 out of 15 issues of this scarce Czech series
of unofficial exhibition catalogues bound together in green cloth
with gold lettering to spine and cover. 

Each issue features numerous full-page photographic reproductions showing artworks, happenings, performances, as well as original text, biographical information, and lists of exhibitions. The artists covered are, in order of publication: Adriena Šimotová, Karel Miler (not present), Jitka Svobodová, Milan Grygar (not present), Emila Medková (not present), Stanislav Kolíbal, Jan Svoboda, Eva Kmentová, Libor Fára, Václav Boštík, Petr Štembera, Karel Malich, Dalibor Chatrný, Hugo Demartini, Vladimír Janoušek. Overall design by Joska Skalník. Working in a range of media, from wire sculptures to performance art and happenings, many of them worked in obscurity during the 1970-80s, but have since emerged to greater acclaim.

#1: Adriena Šimotová: Koláze-Objekty-Kresby.
#3: Jitka Svobodová: Mezi prostorem a plochou.
#6: Stanislav Kolíbal: Mezi prostorem a plochou.
#7: Jan Svoboda: Fotografie.
#8: Eva Kmentová: Kresby plastiky.
#9: Libor Fára: Dialog projektu okno. 
#10: Václav Boštík: Obrazy.
#11: Petr Štembera: Performance.
#12: Karel Malich:Vedomí a kosmické energie.
#13: Dalibor Chatrný: Prostorové orientace. 
#14: Hugo Demartini: Modely.
#15: Vladimír Janoušek: Zmeny.