Spencer, Herbert - The Liberated Page

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Herbert Spencer (Editor).
The Liberated Page: An Anthology of Major
Typographic Experiments of this century
as recorded in "Typographica" Magazine. 

San Francisco: Bedford Press, 1987.
343 pages. 
Profusely illustrated in black & white. 

Very good. 
Tears to dust jacket back bottom at edge. 

Typographica was the name of a journal of 
typography and visual arts founded and edited by 
Herbert Spencer from 1949 to 1967
Most of the pages in this book are facsimile reproductions
of the original Typographica pages. 

Foreward by Aaron Burns. 
Massin by Germano Facetti. 
Josua Reichert: typography as visual poetry 
by Jasia Reichardt.
The Books of Diter Rot by Richard Hamilton. 
BCG: The work of Brownjohn, Chermayeff, and Geismar. 
Idéogrammes lyriques by Stefan Themerson. 
Paul Van Ostaijen by Edward Wright. 
Lyric Poetry - Instructions For Use by Paul Vincent. 
Richard Hamilton's version of the 'Green Box" 
by Edward Wright. 
From Painting to Photography: Experiments
in the 1920's by Camilla Gray. 
Avant-garde graphics in Poland between the
two world wars by Anatol Stern. 
Henryk Berlewi and Mechano-faktura 
by Eckhard Neumann. 
Piet Zwart by Herbert Spencer. 
Paul Schuitema by Benno Wissing. 
John Heartfield by Eckhard Neumann. 
Alexander Rodchenko: A Constructivist designer
by Camilla Gray. 
Herbert Bayer's Photographic Experiments 
by Eckhard Neumann. 
Kurt Schwitters on a time-chart 
by Stefan Themerson.