Sykes, Homer - Blitz Kids, Skins, & Silver Spoons

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Homer Sykes.
Blitz Kids, Skins, & Silver Spoons.

Southport, United Kingdom: Cafe Royal Books, 2021. 
Staple-bound softcover. 
28 pages. 
Third printing.
First printed 2013.
Black & White. 

Blitz Kids Skins & Silver Spoons is a series of images
taken in 1980s by the photographer Homer Sykes 
in the famous London club the Blitz Club.

Café Royal Books (founded 2005) is an independent
publisher based in Southport, England.
Originally set up as a way to disseminate art,
in multiple, affordably, quickly, and internationally
while not relying on 'the gallery'.

Café Royal Books publishes artist's books and zines
as well as a weekly series of photobook/zines.
The photographic publications are part of a long
ongoing series, generally working with photographers
and their archives, to publish work, which usually falls
into 1970–2000 UK documentary / reportage.