Dogmatic, Irene - T.R. Uthco or Con Sequences postcard

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Irene Dogmatic. 
T.R. Uthco or Con Sequences. 

Irene Dogmatic, 1974. 

Near fine, 
but for slight edge wear. 

Bay Area Dada unused mail art postcard featuring
Irene Dogmatic, Chip Lord, Doug Hall, Gannon Hall,
Sophie Proctor, Jody Proctor, and Roger Dainton.

Irene Dogmatic is a painter and mail artist.
She was the singer of 1978 Bay Area Punk Band SST 
whose only single was released on Tidal Wave Records. 
She also collaborated with The Residents. 

Jody Proctor and Doug Hall
were part of San Francisco Media Art collective T. R. Uthco.

Chip Lord was part of Ant Farm, yet another Media Art collective.