Taylor, Roger - Petticoat Lane London 1966

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Roger Taylor.
Petticoat Lane London 1966.

Southport, United Kingdom: Cafe Royal Books, 2021. 
Staple-bound softcover. 
36 pages. 
Black & White. 

These images date from late 1966 on my first real visit to London when I was introduced to Petticoat Lane which, as a lad from Manchester, completely bowled me over, both culturally and visually. The sequence represents my intuitive response to individuals and their immediate environment. The work has never been seen, or published, but thankfully I kept the negatives, all of which were taken on a Hassleblad, which I borrowed from Derby School of Art. Under different circumstances there would have been more images but 120 roll film was expensive for a student living on a maintenance grant of £300 pa.

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