Carrión, Ulises - Multiple Choice postcard

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Ulises Carrión.

Multiple Choice. 

Amsterdam: De Appel, 1981. 
Postcard. 4 3/16"x 6 1/16"

Near fine, but for light corner wear. 

"Those who were present on October 7th 1981 in De Appel were asked to pass along 1.2.3. ice cubes, an interactive and inter-subjective experience, having a concrete content. The collective body warmth defrosted hidden characters, without revealing the sentence. The same characters, projected on anonymous passers-by in the Central Station of Amsterdam, were visible in slides.
The sentence had been projected for the first time as part of a Lecture without words during Works and Wordsat the end of 1979, after which it was buried under sand for an indefinite period of time in a show-case of the Central Station: W.A.I.T.I.N.G.O.N.T.H.E.E.D.G.E.O.F.N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Interpolated between the 25 characters appeared, at various moments, recorded images of a different key-sentence, metaphor of the eternal artist as an outsider, the individual rejected on itself: Narcissus Smiles His Eternal Smile. During the winter of 1980/81 this sentence was exposed to all types of weather conditions and diffused by rain, snow and ice. Against this personal background developed from November 1980 through June 1981, the project Art for the Millions as a praxis model.’ The participating artists were asked to develop new visual communication-strategies within the tension of mass and individual. Some of the artists made more or less conspicuous installations in a commercial showcase of the Central Station in Amsterdam.
Others sent their work by mail to a group of ca. 100 people from the art world. From November 10, 1980 through June 15, 1981, the following projects were realized:
10-11 > 10-12-1980: Frank Gribling: Nothing to See
12-12-1980 > 08-01-1981: David Garcia & Annie Wright, Facade Records
10 > 25-01-1980: Raul Marroquin, Television Discount25
30-01-1981: Frank Gribling, Wordless Worlds and Worldless Words are Perfect
07 > 20-02-1981: Harrie de Kroon, Even
20-02 > 05-03-1981: Erna Nijman, installation
07 > 13-03-1981: Frank Gribling, Disappearing People – Disappearing Images
14 > 26-03-1981: Ulises Carrión, Multiple Choice
28-03 > 10-04-1981: Albert van der Weide, Derived – Adjusted
10 > 24-04-1981: Reindeer Werk, Dunghill
24-04 > 17-05-1981: Frank Gribling, Journey to. . .Narcissus GazingSeparate Realities and Power Regained
18-05 > 01-06-1981: Michel Cardena, Bertrand Russell’s 109 Birthday Party. Start of a New Year
01 > 10-06-1981: Jan Hendrikse, Art by the Millions
10 > 15-06-1981: Frank Gribling, Narcissus Smiles his Eternal Smile
15-06-1981 > indefinite time span: Endre Tot, Ich freue mich wenn ich auf Plakate werben kann
On October 7 1981, Frank Gribling gave a lecture on his project Art for the Millions. The participating artists were also present at De Appel to answer questions from the public." 
- De Appel,