Deisler, Guillermo - UNI/vers (;) Visual Poetry and Experimental, Issue 03.

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Guillermo Deisler.

UNI/vers (;) Visual Poetry and Experimental.

Issue 3.

Halle (Salle), East Germany: UNI/vers (;), 1988.

Assembling edited by Guillermo Deisler from his home in East Germany from 1987-1995. Each issue is an edition of 100, each artist contributing receiving an issue. 

Any mistakes are my own, consultation of Deisler's 5 Jahre 5 Years Peacedream-Project UNI/vers (;) (1987-1992) has not corrected my own failings at reading certain  handwriting.

Issue 3 is contained within a brown paper envelope, right side slit, small tear bottom left corner, and two pieces of red string attached to back top middle. Rubber stamped with the number "3" as well as two pastedowns. One a UNI/vers (;) Visual Poetry and Experimental label, the other reads " Ars Longa, Vita Brevis" and depicts a broken column. Minor edge wear from handling. 

The actual works of art are laid in a single folded sheet of cream paper decorated with two more rubber stamps as well as two more paste downs. 

An index sheet is not present.

40 Works present, many hand stamped, hand signed, hand altered, etc by: 

Antonio Gomez, Paulo Bruscky & Daniel Santiago, Bruno Capatti, Gunnar Porikys, St. Metzger, Friedrich Heller, Petra & Hok Wai Lee, Pezuela, Mark Pawson, Werner Makowski, Aloys Ohlmann, Miroslav Janoušek Jr, Rupocinski, Guillermo Deisler, Castelli Alberto, (?), Serena Leale, Jaroslav Supek, Craig, Liutti, Ko De Jonge, Axel & ? Wadelberg (Grit Wendelberger?), Hans-Ulrich Prautzsch, Stephen Vicary, Dudk (?), Peter Winzer, Joan Borda I Boreu, Jörg Kowalski, Galántai - Artpool, Fumiko Tatematsu, Uwe Warnke, Stephen Perkins, Jorge Caraballo,  (?), Hazel Jones, Oliver Hohlfeld, Hartmut Sörgel, Friedrich Winnes, Manuel Escobar, and Stephen Mumberson.