Williams, Emmett - Untitled Mimeographed Sheets

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Emmett Williams. 
Untitled Mimeographed Sheets

No publisher stated: likely self published, circa mid-sixties. 
Stapled top left, three sheets. 

Very good. 
Single horizontal fold at center. 
Minor creasing. 
"Paik 458 W. 25th May, 5. WA5 4703" written in pen 
& minor soiling to back of last page. 

Scarce mimeographed sheets likely from mid-sixties with no information 
regarding author, publisher, or date besides the evidence contained 
within the writing about various Fluxus pieces: "Ten Counting Songs", "The Alphabet Symphony", "White for Governor Wallace", "Four-Directional Song of Doubt for Five Voices", "Litany and Response (For Alison Knowles"), and "Yes, It Was Still There: An Opera", all authored by Emmett Williams and spoken about in the first person perspective.