Williams, Jonathan - Blues & Roots / Rue & Bluets: A Garland for the Southern Appalachians

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Jonathan Williams. 
Blues & Roots / Rue & Bluets: A Garland for the Southern Appalachians.

Duke University Press, 1985. 
112 pages. 

Very good. 
Minor corner wear and soiling to covers. 

Introduction by Herbert Leibowitz. 

Jonathan Williams’s poetry has been described as brilliant, sensuous, lyrical, quirky, suave, vital, joyful, sardonic, melodious, passionate, alive, pyrotechnic. This new, much enlarged edition of
Blues and Roots displays all of the above. Williams has tramped the Appalachian Trail for decades, botanizing, jotting down specimens of authentic American speech, graffiti, superstitions, and nostrums—always curious, alert, and affectionately attentive. Blues and Roots focuses on the linguistic horizon of Appalachia in lyrics of wonder and light, of wit and comic incongruity, in found poems of the speech of his mountain neighbors. Publishers Weekly said of the earlier edition, “One of the most beautiful and evocative tributes to the Appalachians and its people yet published.” Blues and Roots is a fine celebration; Wiliams is a joyful ringmaster.